The Residency

A Year in-Residence

The Writers House is a physical home and support community for writers focused on telling true stories with a broad interpretation -- from memoir and literary journalism, graphic and visual essays to documentary and protest poetry, experimental forms and, in some cases, novels and screenplays that are deeply researched and/or tackle critical issues. 

There couldn’t be a more important time to be focused on nonfiction storytelling.

We’re open to writers who may not have formal writing education or who may be emerging as a writer later in life. We seek writers for whom a year of housing stability and creative community would alter their life for the better, or would offer them an opportunity to recalibrate and/or launch more confidently. We’re also open to journalists who may have been recently affected by newsroom cuts, who’d like to work on a book or transition to freelancing. We seek to offer residencies to writers who are often poorly served by MFA communities and literary/media organizations, including writers of color and those identifying as LGBTQIA+. Each resident will have a living and writing space of their own, be paired with a mentor appropriate for their work and goals, and will have teaching or public programming opportunities via the House. 

Meet our application review team here.

[APPLICATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED, BUT WE'LL REOPEN APPS IN MARCH FOR OUR 2021-2020 RESIDENCIES.] All US residents are eligible to apply. We especially encourage those who currently reside in the Rust Belt and/or Appalachia, particularly those who call Pittsburgh home, to apply.

The House

The house is located in the Edgewood neighborhood of Pittsburgh in a home dating around 1900. It’s considered a Pittsburgh Victorian, a big brick box with stunning woodwork, stained glass windows, and tall plaster walls. This three-story residence is truly special and currently undergoing renovations in preparation for our first four residents. We’re doing most of the work ourselves and recruiting assistance from other writers with handy skills (all at a safe distance and masked). You can follow that exciting transformation on Instagram!