A Community Space for Writers

Ultimately, post-COVID, the House will also be a community space for workshops and literary events. We hope to safely take these steps during the summer of 2021. Until then, we will be hosting some online classes and events, and partnering with local libraries and organizations to host safe programming or public arts projects.

Although we have so many great literary organizations and groups in the region, most are brick-and-mortarless, and may lack productive space to meet and write. The House will offer deeply subsidized memberships or fully-funded sponsorships to groups, organizations, and writing educators for use of workshop and gathering space. We are particularly eager to offer writer-teachers the space and support they may need to host workshops.

Writers-in-Residence will have the opportunity to host workshops and organize programming. Eventually, we will establish a community writers-in-residence program that will allow for established local writers to offer free office hours and mentorship to community members.

A Listening Tour

In our first year, the Writers House team, including residents, will take part in a (virtual or safely distanced) listening tour with community members, organization leaders, library and school administrators, booksellers and writers, publishers and artists, and others to hear more about their goals, needs, and partnership interests. In doing so, we will better understand the larger landscape in which we reside and identify the most appropriate partnerships, programming, public art projects, and uses for our community space. Our 2020-2021 residents will have the unique opportunity to participate in this process and help propose / design future opportunities in the house and post-COVID local programming / opportunities. These decisions will all be grounded in our desire to serve the community at large, support nonfiction storytelling across the city and region, and bridge some of the divides we see in Pittsburgh’s current literary landscape.